Tuned – a new app for couples 12+

NPE Team


Tuned is an intimate space for your relationship to thrive. Connect to your partner in the little ways that matter.

PLAY TOGETHERSend each other prompts to deepen your relationship.- Reveal the answers after you both complete the prompt- Discover things you didn’t know about your partner

SHOW APPRECIATIONShow them they’re on your mind whether you’re near or far.- Post a song that will make them smile- Share a love note or an inside joke- Celebrate memories together, big or small

EXPRESS YOURSELFGet creative with stickers, gifs, videos, and photos just for your partner.- Flirt, get mushy, or let them know you’re thinking of them- Feel closer with playful interactions that feel just right

Great for long distance

Hi I’m a real person. I actually am writing this without being asked which is shocking cause I never write reviews. I saw an ad on snapchat and decided okay we will see if this is fun or not. Sent it to my boyfriend who lives in a different state and we got it all set up. Super easy. You add your phone number and that’s it. You can set nicknames and share photos and just general messages. Our favorite part though and I know he loves it cause he never stops using this feature is the challenges. It’s prewritten questions you answer. Some are: who is more likely to or just saying things about yourself so you can get to know them better. I personally like the mood feature. I use it a lot! Are we surprised? I’m not. But because sometimes I feel relaxed and don’t need attention but other days I do I try my best to communicate that with him and this makes it easier. There are a lot of things to do and explore actually and being long distance this app helps us do more things together besides just texting and calling. It’s a space to be intimate together (and you can make it so you use your Touch ID to get into the app) you can keep your love private and fun!

Great for long distance relationships!

I absolutely love this app! It has been great for my long distant relationship. During the week, we are often pretty busy so texting back and forth can become a task, so being able to have a way to quickly show that we are thinking of each other by changing our feeling to “flirty” or sending a GiF or a quick snapshot of my current situation is awesome! The challenges and quizzes are cool too! There are questions in there that I wouldn’t have normally asked, I always look forward to see what his response is. My significant other loves it as well, I thought it was going to be hard to get him to try it. It’s funny how he actually uses it more often then me! And it’s an awesome way to create a time capsule of our relationship to reflect on. I did wish there were more editing features when it came to taking in app photos and filters but besides that, can’t complain

I did like this app, but started realizing this…

It grabs your clipboard data sometimes. I’ve noticed it several times–once in a while, for some random (or coded?) reason, if you reply to a post by your partner, it will automatically just fire off the last thing you had copied into your clipboard. So… potentially personal data. Just now, when I pressed the reply button, it fired off and auto-posted the last Bitmoji of mine that I had copied for a friend’s birthday. A Bitmoji is no big deal, but imagine if the last thing you had you copied was a password? I normally wouldn’t even have noticed, except that my iPhone notified me that it was pasting the clipboard from Bitmoji. I deleted it immediately, but I wonder if it’s still stored somewhere on their servers even if you delete your comment? Little scraps of personal data, breadcrumbs that could eventually create a profile. Maybe that’s not the intent here, I know this is more of a side-project app, but it’s hard not to be a little paranoid in this new Social Dilemma era. I hope this gets fixed. For now, maybe copy some benign text to your clipboard before hitting that “reply” button. I guess I should remember that there’s always a cost when it comes to “free” apps.

App Privacy

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