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Post-Op Coordination

We will assist in planning your entire recovery stay, from recommendations on hotels and Airbnb, to even providing transportation to pre-op clearance appointments. Our consultations are always FREE and are included in every package.

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Anesthetized patients are required by law to be escorted from a surgery center. After your procedure , Holistic Heart Recovery arranges for our clients to be escorted with a nurse to their recovery destination. Holistic Hearts Recovery’s goal is to remove any transportation barriers. Please contact Holistic Heart Recovery for any additional services like Pre-Op Appointment Transportation or Airport Pick-Up and Drop Off.

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With over 18 years of experience in post-op care, we’ll see you through the healing process. Our experienced nursing staff will check your blood pressure, pulse, temperature, oxygen levels, and more.
From ADL’s , drainage care , arranging Lymphatic massages, patient education and family updates, we do it all.

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Prescription Medication Drop Off & Pick up

Holistic Hearts Recovery will pick up your medications prescribed by your Surgeon and deliver them to you.


Lymphatic Massage

Remain in the privacy of your accommodations while receiving your recommended massages as ordered by your Surgeon. Lymphatic massages are needed to help promote healing, reduce swelling, and may help to decrease pain.



Most packages included Rental of Zero Gravity Chair or Other BBL Chair. BBL Chairs are available for purchase.

We offer a range of services to meet your needs.

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