Faja- Stage 1


Stage 1 compression faja starts to function immediately after the surgery is complete. This goes on for about two weeks, depending on how well your healing progresses. The stage 1 faja has minimal compression, which means it will fit loosely on your body rather than tightly.

  • Open Crotch
  • Silicone Lace Band
  • Removeable Bra
  • Wide Straps
  • Hook & Eye

Hips measures for BEGINNERS: XS (35-37″),

S (37.1-39.5″),

M (39.6-41.8″), L (41.9-44″),

XL (44.1-46.5″),

2XL (46.6-48.9″),

3XL (49-51.2″),

4XL (51.3-53.5″)



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