Maybe not as she adores background, otherwise wants to explore, otherwise has to answer unanswerable issues

Let me summarize; Lake Song’s industry while the an archaeologist was retconned making sure that it’s the because of their dependence on a man who’s almost a complete stranger to help you this lady. It is because she does not see the lady coming sweetheart all of that better, and books will be the safest place to get a hold of him from the start.

Because the exterior forces nevertheless wanted this lady for the task she was developed to possess out of beginning, River was push-ganged so you can kill the Doc once again. -she determines you to she’d instead destroy the fresh universe than fulfill you to definitely form. Nevertheless the world should be righted, thus in order to appease her, the doctor believes so you’re able to get married her.

Thus to place it one other way, the matrimony is not because of whichever believe centered otherwise high love among them. It’s to help you mollify Lake how that you’ll a fit-putting child. “Hey, easily apply a fake ceremony and you will commit to generate you important to me, do you actually not help the way of living topic perish? Many thanks.” Don’t River rating the woman knowledge in the 51st millennium? Isn’t is possible (if not likely) one 3000 many years out of now there might possibly be verses and legal rights outside of the wedding that enable individuals reveal the affection to possess and you will commitment to each other? But apparently as the Doctor’s girlfriend are everything that she is actually ever hoping for, and you will she on time puts the fresh timeline correct when they promote the ‘We do’s.

Concurrently, Lake Song’s sex is almost never ever treated once again. You never know regarding those liaisons one she says afterwards? They truly are clearly unimportant just after the lady benefits towards Doc is created. .. well, it sort of departs a bad preference from the mouth area. As though it absolutely was found in the initial place to create the lady actually-so-interesting and upcoming discarded the moment she in the end encountered the man in her lifetime.

And that isn’t to state that River Song’s sexuality previously necessary to make a difference so you can this lady character-but establishing a person with a wide range of tastes when you look at the that regard immediately after which proceeding to disregard those needs immediately following one to person is inside a beneficial heteronormative relationship

River’s travel, if you’re heartbreaking, is present because a simple countdown. Once we earliest satisfy this lady, she is astonished locate you to definitely 10 cannot see their, and that shortage of recognition are instantly incredibly dull. But when we obtain on cardio of that hassle inside the Year six, we learn that River have usually lived inside odd limbo into the Doctor, awaiting the latest unavoidable point in the background where the guy knows their less and less with every come upon. The lady dilemma within first conference no further performs-it should have been resignation, maybe, not the brand new treat that we find in the fresh Library. Try she simply pretending, next? We realize the woman is acting as a result of 1 / 2 of the girl big date having 11 and Amy since there are things this woman is prohibited to reveal having concern about confusing the entire schedule.

But alternatively than assist one to happen-she went to college or university knowing to love he, come on!

Precisely what renders which reputation intriguing and dynamic was pared down therefore she produces a beneficial secret principal sitio, something to match Steven Moffat’s mystery box world. What exactly is distressing is the fact each time the guy teaches you a little bit of the lady away, we’re leftover on made clear picture of a female that is entirely outlined by the the lady relationship to someone, particularly to one kid. Although your physician do obviously features feelings having Lake, they may not be of the same quality, not nearly thus encompassing. So on greatest of all this, this woman is placing all of the woman life’s opportunity (some literally) on the a person who doesn’t interest a comparable kind of interests on her. It decreases River, produces her so much less than she looked initially, an enthusiastic adventurer together individual preparations and you will fantasies, someone who your doctor needed to esteem and you will acquiesce so you’re able to to your event. Since the Gallifrey forbid your physician actually ever should way to individuals aside from themselves.