Katara and you will Toph’s dating often is thought of as an older and you will young sister bond

Toph and you may Iroh discovered one another again later at Tu Zin if the one or two participated with Aang, Sokka, Katara and Zuko for the cornering Azula. Iroh’s attract is actually redirected from Azula when he observed Toph’s presence and her connection having Aang, Sokka and you can Katara. Capitalizing on their insufficient manage the woman, Azula injured Iroh with a stream of fire just before successfully fleeing. Toph displayed type of matter on her behalf the new friend, however, left him shortly after Zuko violently required one to she while the anybody else get off. [16]

Whenever Iroh tried Aang, Sokka and you may Toph to have aid in rescuing Zuko, Toph regarded him because a classic pal. [32]

Katara was able to perk her upwards by the declaring her fancy for the reality that she did not always value other people’s opinion from the the lady, by which she was rewarded with an informal, and you will inadvertently humdrum, strike on the case

Toph known back into this lady ending up in Iroh to assures Zuko regarding the Iroh flexible him. She asserted that Iroh’s constant mention Zuko try “kind of annoying” however, “really nice”. [34] Whenever Zuko drawn out Iroh’s stinky sandal with the intention that June’s shirshu, Nyla, locate Iroh’s smell, she asserted that Zuko’s keeping Iroh’s stinky sandal is “style of sweet”, [35] it comes down back to their standard knowledge about Iroh and you can Zuko’s dating which was oriented upon which first appointment.


Katara had revealed higher sympathy having Toph more than this lady minimal lifetime significantly less than this lady moms and dads. Such Aang and you may Sokka, Katara gladly asked Toph into their group. [8] At first, the 2 was within possibility with one another, after Toph refused to let set-up their campground, claiming she is actually holding her very own weight. Toph, from the some point, referred insultingly in order to Katara since “Glucose Queen”. But not, over the years, it attained better conditions with each other. [16] Later on, Katara attempted to help Toph by providing her understanding precisely how to educate Aang earthbending, even when Toph naturally overlooked this new tip from the standard difference involving the lead-on the emotions out of earthbending as well as the redirection out-of waterbending. [22] At least, Toph appeared to respect Katara while the the same, bender so you can bender. About Lorsque Wong Wilderness, Katara try the only person who stuck up to own Toph whenever Aang attributed this lady getting not preserving Appa. [25]

After, Katara and you can Toph got makeovers along with her while the usually mind-pretty sure Toph considered down in the the woman is in charge of a small grouping of arrogant women generated rude comments on the their. She still noticed harm, even after she earthbent her or him towards a lake, and you may Katara waterbent her or him out. [36] The pair of them without a doubt acknowledged each other and you can did actually be great family unit members by this section.

The 2 were incompatible an additional day whenever Toph accused Katara to be overbearing and you may “motherly”. Katara advertised Toph are pretending that way on account of this lady parents and because she is actually impression bad regarding powering out. So it generated Toph exceptionally aggravated. She performed, not, admit inside the a private discussion having Sokka, which Katara known, one Katara’s motherly ways might be good either. The two manufactured whenever Toph admitted to Katara your genuine cause she are so furious whenever Katara accused the woman off acting-out try because she was impact bad regarding the girl moms and dads, and therefore demonstrating the fact that Katara was indeed best. [9]

Toph got nicknames having Katara which included “Sugar King”, [16] “Madame Fussy Britches”, [9] and you will “Sweetness”, [26] and this connected with Katara’s motherly character and you may designs. She had used them to insult her if they had been arguing. [16]