For every single Buttercup comes with worn a green otherwise yellow back pack

The lady mermaid remodel has an end which have a separate color of red-colored, a pink best having white frills into neckline, good sash regarding reddish violet seaweed to the woman hips, pink fins, and you can a gold and you will pink seashell tiara

Whenever she goes on outings, she constantly wears a good violet equestrian fit having driving, away from a limit having ribbon, jacket, jeans, and you may sneakers, however, the woman shirt are lilac such the lady flying pony, Minimus. When she’s got good Buttercups conference she wears exactly what generally seems eg a female Scouts consistent of 1960s and therefore, similar to the Fireside Girls in the Phineas and you will Ferb, have an effective beret that have emblem, top, and top here out-of colour out of red-colored, however with consistent tan vests out-of badges, tan footwear, and red-colored socks. Or even whenever Sofia excursion by walking she wears a lengthy skirt with three band at the end, a dense coating, either a bend, and you may a narrow-brimmed cap having a great headstrap and you may a ring together with her tiara emblem.

Sofia’s amulet lets this lady switch to the size of a rat otherwise early sprite or to your good mermaid, of course, if she should. The lady brand spanking new mermaid construction enjoys a good violet end, lilac best which have absolute waist frill, bra of numerous red scallop shells and an excellent amethyst-beaded strap, wristband from starfish and you will seashells, and you may wonderful tiara out of a-listers, a set of seahorses, and some jewels.

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